D. Alphabetical and Categorical Function Lists

This appendix lists the 307 functions covered in this book alphabetically and by category, along with the section where the function is explained.

Functions Alphabetically

FD_CLR—clear fd_set bit (4.2.3)

FD_ISSET—test fd_set bit (4.2.3)

FD_SET—set fd_set bit (4.2.3)

FD_ZERO—clear entire fd_set (4.2.3)

_Exit—terminate process without cleanup (5.7)

_exit—terminate process without cleanup (5.7)

_longjmp—jump to jump point without restoring signal mask (9.6)

_setjmp—set jump point (9.6)

abort—generate SIGABRT (9.1.9)

accept—accept new connection on socket and create new socket (8.1.2)

access—determine accessibility of file (3.8.1)

aio_cancel—cancel asynchronous I/O request (3.9.5)

aio_error—retrieve ...

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