Determination of 3D Displacement Fields between X-ray Computed Tomography Images Using 3D Cross-Correlation

Problems and Solutions

M. Razavi1 — B. Muhunthan2

1Mineral Engineering DepartmentNew Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology801 Leroy PlaceSocorro, NM


2Civil Engineering DepartmentWashington State University Pullman, WA

ABSTRACT. The difficulties associated with applying the method of cross correlation to determine the 3D displacement fields between x-ray computed tomography (x-ray CT) images are discussed in this study. The high-resolution 3D x-ray CT images of Silica sand specimens were obtained using the x-ray CT facility at Washington State University. A computer code, M-DST, was developed determine the 3D displacement fields between the x-ray CT images of the soil specimen before and after moving the specimen. Displacement fields obtained by changing the x-ray CT scan parameters as well as different computer programming approaches in M-DST code show that the effect of x-ray source fluctuation is reduced by increasing the number of images to generate radiographs. In addition, computing time is reduced significantly by defining a limited search region around the template and using running sum to calculate the 3D cross correlation.


KEYWORDS: x-ray computed tomography, cross-correlation, displacement field, M-DST

1. Introduction

Detection of the internal displacement fields for a specimen under loading in real time ...

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