Latest Developments in 3D Analysis of Geomaterials by Morpho+

V. Cnudde1,2 — J. Vlassenbroeck2 — Y. De Witte2 — L. Brabant2 — M. N. Boone2 — J. Dewanckele1,2 — L. Van Hoorebeke2 — P. Jacobs1,2

1 Department of Geology and Soil Science, Ghent UniversityKrijgslaan 281/S8, B-9000 Ghent,


2 Department of Subatomic and Radiation Physics, Ghent UniversityProeftuinstraat 86, B-9000 Ghent,

ABSTRACT. At the Center for X-ray Tomography at Ghent University (Belgium) (, besides hardware development for high-resolution x-ray CT scanners, a lot of progress is being made in the field of 3D analysis of the scanned samples. Morpho+ is a flexible 3D analysis software which provides the necessary petrophysical parameters of the scanned samples in 3D. Although Morpho+ was originally designed to provide any kind of 3D parameter, it contains some specific features especially designed for the analysis of geomaterial properties like porosity, partial porosity, pore-size distribution, grain size, grain orientation and surface determination. Additionally, the results of the 3D analysis can be visualized which enables us to understand and interpret the analysis results in a straightforward way. The complementarities between high-quality x-ray CT images and flexible 3D software are opening ...

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