3D Microanalysis of Geological Samples with High-Resolution Computed Tomography

G. Zacher1 – J. Santillan2 – O. Brunke1 – T. Mayer1

1 GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH, phoenix|x-rayNiels-Bohr-Str. 7D - 31515 WunstorfGermanyGerhard. Zacher@ge. comOliver.Brunke@ge.comThomas.Mayer2@ge.com


2phoenix|x-ray Systems, Inc., part of GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies7007 Gateway Blvd.Newark, CA 94560USAJavier.Santillan@ge.com

ABSTRACT: During the last decade, Computed Tomography (CT) has progressed to higher resolution and faster reconstruction of the 3D-volume. More recently it has even allowed a three-dimensional look inside geological samples with submicron resolution. In recent years major steps in key hardware components like open microfocus or even nano-focus x-ray tube technology on the one side and the development of highly efficient and large flat panel detectors on the other, enabled the development of very versatile commercially available, high resolution laboratory CT systems. Electromagnetic focusing of the electron beam allows the generation of x-ray beams with an emission spot diameter smaller than 1 µm. The paper will showcase several geological applications performed with the nanotom, the first 180 kV nanofocus CT system with exceptional resolution less than 500 nm. The machine is capable of both high resolution nanofocus scans and high power mode scans (up to 15 W at the target), which can examine high-absorbing samples.


KEYWORDS: high resolution x-ray ...

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