Characterization of Soil Erosion due to Infiltration into Capping Layers in Landfill

Use of industrial x-ray CT scanner for visualizing soil erosion

T. Mukunoki1 — Y. Karasaki1 — N. Taniguchi2

1 X-Earth Center, Graduate School of Science and Technology Kumamoto University1-39-2 KurokamiKumamoto, 860-0862JapanKumamoto


2 MAEDA Corporation26-10-2 FujimiChiyoda-ku, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 102-8151JapanMAEDA

ABSTRACT. The chemical stabilization of burned ash would be retarded by the local infiltration due to soil erosion and partial variability of density in the capping layer. In order to improve the local infiltration in the final cover-treatment soil, it is important to understand the generation of local preferential flow paths due to rainfall in the cover soil. In this paper, x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) images were used to analyze the density change of the model cover soil after watering test with several test conditions.


KEYWORDS: landfill, soil erosion, unsaturated soil, x-ray CT scanner, cover-soil system

1. Introduction

The long-term infiltration of rainfall into a landfill can cause two potential issues: dilution of leachate concentration and, erosion of fine grains in the final cover-treatment soil. The first factor called Washing Out Effect, would bring the contribution of early chemical stabilization of a burned ash (Higuchi 2005 and McDougall et al. 2001). Meanwhile, the second ...

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