absorbance, 570
aerospace applications
polymer nanocomposites, 472–530
fibre-reinforced types, 473–99
future trends: opportunities and challenges, 524–9
properties and applications, 500–24
sandwich structures, 499–500
Akulon K122D, 489
anhydrous solid-acid-filled nanocomposites, 452, 454–7
crystal structure, 455
different solid acids and their properties, 455
proton conductivity of solid acids at different temperatures, 456
structural phase change of solid acids, 454
aniline pentamer (AP), 618
anionic exchange, 94, 96
basal spacing of various LDH hybrids, 96
anticorrosion properties, 609–13
catalytic passivation oxide layer of iron by PANI, 611
PANI-covered silica particles preparation and cyclic voltammograms, 613
passive iron oxide ...

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