Executive Summary


Preface to the Second Edition of Aftershock

Introduction: Your Guide to the Second Edition of Aftershock

Part I: First the Bubblequake, Next the Aftershock

Chapter 1: America’s Bubble Economy

Because Our First Two Books Were Right, Now You Can Be Right, Too

Didn’t Other Bearish Analysts Get It Right, Too?

How the “Experts” Got It Wrong

Predictions from Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson—We Trust These Officials with Our Economy

Where We Have Been Wrong

Leave ’em Laughing

Chapter 2: Phase I: The Bubblequake

Bubbles “R” Us: A Quick Review of America’s Bubble Economy

From Boom to Bust: The Virtuous Upward Spiral Becomes a Vicious Downward Spiral

Pop Goes the Housing Bubble

Pop Goes the Stock Market Bubble

Pop Goes the Private Debt Bubble

Pop Goes the Discretionary Spending Bubble

The Biggest, Baddest, Bad Loan of Them All

Chapter 3: The Medicine Becomes Poison: Dangerous Inflation Ahead

What Is Inflation?

Printing Money Is Easy Short-Term Medicine for the Economy That Becomes Long-Term Poison in the Form of Inflation

Why Don’t More People See the Threat of Inflation? Because Inflation Is as Hard to See as the Housing Bubble Before It Popped

Many Experts Don’t See That We Are in a Bubble Economy So They Aren’t Worried About Inflation

The Arguments against Future Inflation Don’t Hold Up

How the Fed May Delay the Onset of Inflation

Exactly When Will Inflation Begin?

The Deeper Causes of Inflation

Chapter 4: Phase II: The Aftershock

The Dollar Bubble: ...

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