Agile Oracle Application Express

Book description

Agile Oracle Application Express shows how skilled, motivated, and self-organizing developers can realize extraordinary commercial benefits from Oracle Application Express. The secret is to couple Application Express with an agile software development approach. This book leads the way.

Oracle Application Express is well-suited to agile processes, with its support for rapid prototyping and team development. Application Express supports a gamut of enabling technologies such as SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more that enable you to deliver any type of web application to meet your development needs. Agile Oracle Application Express helps you take the feature set of Application Express and marry it with the processes of agile development to iteratively design, create, and deliver quality applications on time and within budget.

What you'll learn

  • Discover how Application Express features compliment agile development

  • Apply principles of agile software development to Application Express projects

  • Deliver working code to your clients quickly

  • Meet cost, schedule, and quality targets

  • Increase productivity through team-based techniques

  • Create the right amount and size of governance for any Application Express project

Who this book is for

Agile Oracle Application Express is a must-read for highly skilled and highly motivated Application Express (APEX) developers who are comfortable taking responsibility within a self-organizing team environment. These APEX developers want to raise themselves to a higher level of organizational maturity that will position them to improve on APEX's already highly productive software development platform.

Table of contents

  1. Title
  2. Contents at a Glance
  3. Contents
  4. About the Authors
  5. About the Technical Reviewer
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1: Agile Software Development
    1. Agile History
    2. The Word Agile
    3. Agile Manifesto
    4. The Twelve Principles of Agile Software
    5. The Agile Alliance
    6. Agile Software Development Methodologies
    7. Agile and Your Team
    8. Summary
  9. Chapter 2: Agile and APEX
    1. The Agile Manifesto
    2. The Twelve Principles of Agile Software
    3. Summary
  10. Chapter 3: Core APEX vs. Enhanced APEX
    1. Strategic Ways Forward
    2. Use Core APEX Exclusively
    3. Use Enhanced APEX
    4. Wait for Future APEX Versions
    5. Use Another Technology
    6. Summary
  11. Chapter 4: Supporting Technologies
    1. Mandatory Technologies
    2. Core Technologies
    3. Extended Technologies
    4. Summary
  12. Chapter 5: Project Management
    1. Developer and Project Manager Roles
    2. Agile vs. Waterfall
    3. Agile Complements Traditional Project Management
    4. Agile Mapping to Traditional Project Management
    5. Summary
  13. Chapter 6: Team Development
    1. Feedback
    2. Team Development Architecture
    3. Features
    4. Milestones and Releases
    5. To-Dos
    6. Bugs
    7. Developer Workflow
    8. Reporting
    9. Summary
  14. Chapter 7: Rules and Guidelines
    1. Why Develop a Rules and Guidelines Document?
    2. Audience
    3. Structure
    4. Publication
    5. Format of Individual Rules and Guidelines
    6. Consistency vs. Change: Refactoring
    7. Summary
  15. Chapter 8: Documentation
    1. Agile Documentation
    2. Characteristics of Agile Documentation
    3. Rules for Writing
    4. Documentation Within APEX
    5. Summary
  16. Chapter 9: Quality Assurance
    1. Agile Quality Assurance
    2. APEX Features for Quality Assurance
    3. Summary
  17. Chapter 10: Summary
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Agile Oracle Application Express
  • Author(s): Karen Cannell, Patrick Cimolini
  • Release date: March 2012
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430237594