Sample Solutions

Sample Solutions: FizzBuzz in Clojure

For the kata associated with this solution, see FizzBuzz by CyberDojo:

(ns clojure-katas.fizzbuzz)

(defn fizzBuzz [n]

(let [divisible-by? #(= 0 (rem %2 %1))

divisible-by-three? (divisible-by? 3 n)

divisible-by-five? (divisible-by? 5 n)

divisible-by-three-and-five? (divisible-by? 15 n)]


divisible-by-three-and-five? “fizzbuzz”

divisible-by-three? “fizz”

divisible-by-five? “buzz”

:else (str n))))

(ns clojure-katas.fizzbuzz-test

(:require [clojure.test :refer :all]

[clojure-katas.fizzbuzz :refer :all]))

(deftest should-fizzbuzz-number

(are [number expected] (= expected (fizzBuzz number))

1 “1”

2 “2”

3 “fizz”

6 “fizz”

9 “fizz”

5 “buzz”

10 “buzz”

20 “buzz”

15 ...

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