Chapter 16

Making a List: Sequences and Series


Bullet Familiarizing yourself with sequence terminology

Bullet Working with arithmetic and geometric sequences

Bullet Coming to terms with recursively defined functions

Bullet Stepping up from sequences to series

Bullet Recognizing sequences at work in the real world

Bullet Discussing and using special formulas for sequences and series

A sequence is a list of items or individuals — and because this is an algebra book, the sequences you see feature lists of numbers. A series is the sum of the numbers in a list. These concepts pop up in many areas of life (outside of top-ten lists). For example, you can make a list of the number of seats in each row at a movie theater. With this list, you can add the numbers to find the total number of seats. You prefer to see situations where the number of items in a list isn’t random; you like it when the number follows a pattern ...

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