Fine-Tune Your Recommendations

As Amazon gets to know your tastes, it makes recommendations about products you might like. A few quick steps can ensure that your recommendations are on target.

One of the features that makes browsing at Amazon unique is their exceptional ability to personalize the experience. Amazon analyzes your purchase history and makes recommendations of other products you might like based on your unique tastes. You can begin browsing your personal recommendations in Amazon’s Your Store section. You can find it by clicking the tab that says "Your Name store” from the main menu.

Reactions to recommended products are inevitably polarized, ranging from “that’s perfect!” to “that’s waaaay off!” The key to getting good recommendations is Amazon having data about what you like, and even if you’ve never purchased anything there, you can give Amazon plenty of data about your interests.

To reach the fine-tuning features, go to Your Store and choose "Improve Your Recommendations” from the list of links on the lefthand side of the page. This will lead to the appropriately titled Improve Your Recommendations page, shown in Figure 2-2. The following features can be accessed from this page.

Improve Your Recommendations

Figure 2-2. Improve Your Recommendations

Recommendations Wizard

If you’re creating an account for the first time, the first thing you’ll see is a link that leads to Amazon’s Recommendations Wizard. ...

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