Large area photodiode amplifiers905906
Large TFT-LCD displays625626
LCD (liquid crystal display), 653
backlight measurement
current calibrator, 658
current probe circuitry657658
bias generators283284
brightness, 630
brightness control, 652
dimming, 628, 648
driver607608, 613
driver design, 607
driving from 12VAC input631632
thermal regulation, 632
LF156-LF356, 962
Li-Ion batteries, 191 417418, 447
Li-Ion battery charger, solar-powered, 478
Li-Ion battery systems, 419
Li-Ion LED driver
for white LEDs647648
Li-Ion powered driver
for white LEDs643644
Li-Ion/polymer batteries, charging669670
Li-Ion-powered driver
for white LEDs641642
Linear phase lowpass filters, 1011
Linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), 1049

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