Chapter 12

There’s a Map for That


check Exploring your world with Maps

check Choosing a different map type

check Saving a map for later

check Finding your location

check Sharing your location

check Searching for places

check Getting directions and navigation

We were stunned and disoriented. Dr. Cornelius explained it would happen. The room rocked, and gravity tugged left and right instead of down.

Eventually, Ira righted himself; his nausea abated. “They’re never going to sell teleportation to the masses with this kind of aftereffect,” he grunted.

Phyllis agreed. Holding a hand to her spinning forehead, she asked, “Where are we? And where is a good Hungarian restaurant?”

That’s when Dan whipped out his Android. “I’ll let you know in just a second,” he said proudly, opening the Maps app.

Map 101

To find your ...

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