8. SpotOn Game App


In this chapter you’ll:

• Create a simple gamepp that’s easy to code and fun to play.

• Goup animations that move and resize ImageViews with ViewPropertyAnimators.

• Respond to animation lifecycle events with an AnimatorListener.

• Process click events for ImageViews and touch events for the screen.

• Use the thread-safe ConcurrentLinkedQueue collection from the java.util.concurrent package to allow concurrent access to a collection from multiple threads.

• Use an Activity’s default SharedPreferences file.


8.1 Introduction

8.2 Test-Driving the SpotOn Game App

8.3 Technologies Overview

8.4 Building the App’s GUI and Resource Files

8.4.1 AndroidManifest.xml

8.4.2 main.xml RelativeLayout

8.4.3 untouched.xml ...

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