Configuration Qualifiers

You have now seen and used several configuration qualifiers for providing alternative resources: language (e.g., values-es/), screen orientation (e.g., layout-land/), screen density (e.g., drawable-mdpi/), and API level (e.g., values-v11/).

Table 15.1 lists the characteristics of the device configuration that have configuration qualifiers that the Android system recognizes for targeting resources.

Table 15.1  Characteristics with configuration qualifiers

  1. Mobile country code (MCC), optionally followed by mobile network code (MNC)

  2. Language code, optionally followed by region code

  3. Layout direction

  4. Smallest width

  5. Available width

  6. Available height

  7. Screen size

  8. Screen aspect

  9. Screen orientation

  10.  UI mode

  11.  Night mode

  12.  Screen density (dpi ...

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