7.5. DoodleFragment Class

Class DoodleFragment (Figs. 7.127.19) displays the DoodleView (Section 7.6), manages the menu options displayed on the action bar and in the options menu and manages the sensor event handling for the app’s shake-to-erase feature.

 1   // DoodleFragment.java 2   // Fragment in which the DoodleView is displayed 3   package com.deitel.doodlz; 4  5   import android.app.Fragment; 6   import android.content.Context; 7   import android.graphics.Color;               8   import android.hardware.Sensor;              9   import android.hardware.SensorEvent;        10   import android.hardware.SensorEventListener;11   import android.hardware.SensorManager;      12   import android.os.Bundle;13    ...

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