Graph builders

In GraphX, there are four functions for building a property graph. Each of these functions requires that the data from which the graph is constructed should be structured in a specified manner.

The Graph factory method

The first one is the Graph factory method that we have already seen in the previous chapter. It is defined in the apply method of the companion object called Graph, which is as follows:

def apply[VD, ED](
      vertices: RDD[(VertexId, VD)],
      edges: RDD[Edge[ED]],
      defaultVertexAttr: VD = null)
    : Graph[VD, ED]

As we have seen before, this function takes two RDD collections: RDD[(VertexId, VD)] and RDD[Edge[ED]] as parameters for the vertices and edges respectively, to construct a Graph[VD, ED] parameter. The defaultVertexAttr ...

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