Chapter 10. MakeQuiz and TakeQuiz

Figure 10-0.
MakeQuiz and TakeQuiz

You can customize the Presidents Quiz app in Chapter 8 to build any quiz, but it is only the programmer who can modify the questions and answers. There is no way for parents, teachers, or other app users to create their own quizzes or change the quiz questions (unless they too want to learn how to use App Inventor!).

In this chapter, you’ll build a MakeQuiz app that lets a “teacher” create quizzes using an input form. The quiz questions and answers will be stored in a web database so that “students” can access a separate TakeQuiz app and take the test. While building these two apps, you’ll make yet another significant conceptual leap: learning how to create apps with user-generated data that is shared across apps and users.

Quiz Questions and Answers
Figure 10-1. The MakeQuiz app in action

Parents can create fun trivia apps for their children during a long road trip, grade-school teachers can build “Math Blaster” quizzes, and college students can build quizzes to help their study groups prepare for a final. This chapter builds on the Presidents Quiz in Chapter 8, so if you haven’t completed that app, you should do so before continuing on here.

You’ll design two apps, MakeQuiz for the teacher (see Figure 10-1) and TakeQuiz for the student, which will appear ...

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