Lesson 20. Scripting

Lesson Files

Lessons > 20_Scripting-Start; 20_Scripting-Finished


Media > Advanced Authoring > Lesson 20 folder


This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Learn how to script with General Parameter Register Memories (GPRMs) and System Parameter Register Memories (SPRMs)

Discover how to use compare commands to program your DVD-Video to make its own decisions

Use the Simulator’s Information Drawer to keep track of GPRM and SPRM values as you simulate scripts

Discover how to use a prescript

Learn how to check SPRM 1, which stores the current audio stream

Learn how to check SPRM 14, which stores the DVD player’s aspect ratio

 Learn how to check SPRM 13, which stores the DVD player’s parental level ...

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