Lesson 29. Scripting the Shell

Turn On the Spotlight

What’s Next?

It has been a while since Mac OS X was created, and many Mac users don’t remember Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, or System 7. To them, multitasking has always been the way the OS works, and transparent windows have always been the norm. But in reality, Mac OS X is an evolving merger of two operating systems, the classic Mac OS and BSD UNIX. Apple has done an amazing job of combining the strengths of both into an attractive, easy-to-use OS with strong underpinnings and a robust set of frameworks and tools.

AppleScript debuted in System 7 as a system-wide scripting language inspired by HyperTalk, the scripting language used by HyperCard. AppleScript came free with System 7 Pro and for only ...

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