Lesson 15. Taking Apart a Mac mini

Reference Files

Mac mini Service Source manual (mac_mini_early_late_06.pdf)


This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Remove a logic board from a Mac mini

In Lesson 14, “Upgrading a Mac mini,” you learned how to install memory and a hard drive in a Mac mini. In this lesson, you’re going to dig deeper into the Intel-based Mac mini (Early 2006) to remove a faulty logic board—one of several possible reasons a Mac mini won’t turn on, has no startup chime, has no drive or fan sound, or has an unlit power-on LED (see Lesson 16, “Troubleshooting a Mac mini”).

Use this text along with the service manual included on this book’s companion website (www.peachpit.com/ats.deskport3) to follow step-by-step ...

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