Chapter 8. Sharing Your Finished Projects



Lesson Files

GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_08 > RootsRockMixedFX


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_08 > Alaska Sunrise


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_08 > PodcastFinal


GarageBand09_Book_Files > Lesson_08 > TouchPetsScoreFinal


This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Prepare a project for iTunes


Evaluate a song’s output


Share a finished song with iTunes


Explore sharing projects with other iLife applications

Now that you know the basics of how to record, arrange, and mix your projects in GarageBand, it’s time to learn how to share them with other iLife applications and export them to iTunes, where they can be downloaded to your iPod or burned to a CD.

All of the iLife ’09 applications ...

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