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Apple Watch and iPhone Fitness Tips and Tricks

Book Description

Apple Watch and iPhone Fitness Tips and Tricks contains hundreds of tips and tricks you can use with the new Apple Watch and your iPhone to create a powerful personal health and fitness system that can help you get fit, and stay fit.

You’ll learn how to use Apple’s new technologies to track your performance, strengthen your motivation, reduce your stress, and improve your diet. You’ll learn how to use the Apple Watch and iPhone with everything from Bluetooth-compatible workout equipment to third-party exercise and nutrition apps.

Easy to understand and nontechnical, this book is ideal for beginners, as well as more experienced Apple Watch and iPhone users who are fitness-, health-, or nutrition-minded and want to reduce their stress, lose weight, sleep better, build muscle, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Author Jason Rich is the best-selling author of more than 55 books. Rich will help you learn to:

  • Through in-depth and exclusive interviews with world-renowned health and fitness experts, learn how to succeed in your fitness, diet, and health goals

  • Define achievable goals, and use your iPhone and Apple Watch to work toward them

  • Use the built-in Health app to collect, view, analyze, store, or share health and fitness data

  • Customize your Apple Watch to display fitness information whenever you want it

  • Wirelessly link a scale, treadmill, fitness tracker, and medical devices to your iPhone

  • Discover great tracking and performance tools for cyclists, runners, and walkers

  • Track what you eat, and become more mindful about nutrition

  • Discover mind/body tools for improving focus and reducing stress

  • Monitor your sleep patterns, sleep better, and consistently wake up more rested

  • Reinforce your motivation with apps, accessories, and music

  • Set up Medical ID to provide life-saving medical information in an emergency

  • Make the most of Apple’s Activity and Workout apps

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 1. Use the iPhone as a Powerful Health and Fitness Tool
      1. What to Expect from This Book
      2. What the iPhone Offers
      3. What You Need to Get Started
      4. Update Your iPhone’s iOS and Apps
        1. Update iOS
        2. Update Your Apps
      5. Customize Your iPhone’s Settings
        1. Enable Location Services
        2. Adjust Notification-Related Settings for Specific Apps
        3. Use Bluetooth Devices with Your iPhone
      6. Establish Your Health Goals
      7. Take Advice from Experts
    12. 2. Tell More Than the Time with Apple Watch
      1. Discover the Apple Watch
      2. Interact with Your Apple Watch
      3. Prepare Your Apple Watch
        1. Pair Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone
        2. Customize Your Apple Watch
        3. Keep the Apple Watch’s Operating System Up to Date
      4. Discover the Activity and Workout Apps That Come Preinstalled with Apple Watch
        1. Use the Activity App
        2. Use the Workout App
      5. Find and Install Additional Health and Fitness-Related Apps
        1. The Cost of Apps
        2. Use the Apple Watch App to Find and Install Apps onto Your Watch
      6. Pebble Time as a Viable Apple Watch Alternative
    13. 3. Use Fitness Trackers and Other iPhone and Apple Watch Accessories
      1. Jawbone Fitness/Activity Trackers
        1. Differences Between UP Devices
        2. Get the Lowdown on the UP Apps
        3. Set Up Your UP Account
        4. Manage Your Health with the UP App
      2. Fitbit Fitness/Activity Trackers
      3. Weighing In on Bluetooth Weight Scales
        1. Health o meter Lose It! Scale
        2. Withings Smart Body Analyzer
        3. Fitbit Aria Scale
      4. Other Bluetooth Health and Fitness Tools That Work with Your iPhone
    14. 4. Work with the iPhone’s Health App
      1. Set Up the Health App
        1. Customize the Dashboard’s Display
        2. Adjust Health-Related Options from the Settings Menu
      2. Add Personal Information to the Health App’s Medical ID Feature
    15. 5. Use the Activity, Workout, and Other Fitness Apps
      1. Get Acquainted with the Activity App on the Apple Watch
        1. Set Up the Activity App
        2. Launch the Activity App
        3. Discover What Information the Activity App Gathers and How to View It
      2. Get Acquainted with the Activity App on the iPhone
      3. Get Started Using the Workout App on the Apple Watch
      4. How to Use the Heart Rate App
      5. App Options for Fitness-Minded People
    16. 6. Find and Use Specialized Health Apps
      1. Discover the Types of Apps Available from the App Store
        1. Health & Fitness Apps
        2. Medical Apps
        3. Food & Drink Apps
      2. Search for Specific Types of Apps in the App Store
      3. Check Out the App Store’s Top Charts Lists
      4. Find and Install Optional iPhone Apps
      5. Delete and Reinstall iPhone Apps
      6. Use App Purchases on Multiple Devices
      7. Always Pay Attention to App Ratings and Reviews
    17. 7. Explore Fitness Solutions for Walkers, Joggers, and Runners
      1. What to Look For
      2. Apps for Walking
        1. MapMyWalk
        2. Walkmeter GPS Pedometer
        3. Sports Tracker
      3. Specialized Apps for Runners and Joggers
        1. Nike+ Running
        2. MapMyRun
        3. RunKeeper
        4. Runtastic Pro
        5. Couch to 5K
    18. 8. Explore Fitness Strategies for Bicyclers
      1. Biking Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts
        1. Cyclemeter GPS
        2. MapMyRide+ GPS Cycling and Route Tracking
        3. Runtastic Road Bike Pro
        4. Strava Running and Cycling
      2. Using the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ Bike Computer
      3. Navigating Safely with the Hammerhead One
    19. 9. Establish a Mind/Body Connection
      1. Improve Your Mood with an App
        1. Use the Happify App to Become More Positive
        2. Use Happier’s Comprehensive Toolset to Achieve Happiness
        3. Get Therapy Online via an App
      2. Relax with the Calm App
      3. Try a Yoga App to Help You Stay Centered
        1. Learn Pilates with an App
        2. Join Yoga Expert Tara Stiles in Guided Yoga Sessions
      4. Give Your Brain a Healthy Workout
    20. 10. Achieve Your Dieting Goals
      1. Access Interactive Cookbooks
      2. Get Personalized Recipe Recommendations from Yummly
      3. Get the Most Out of Nutrition and Calorie Counter Apps
        1. Track Your Food with MyFitnessPal
      4. Use Established Diet Plan Apps
        1. Skip Meetings with the Weight Watchers App
        2. Diet High-Tech with the Jenny Craig App
        3. Follow the Nutrisystem Diet Plan from Your iPhone
      5. Discover the LoseIt! App
    21. 11. Monitor Your Sleep and Sleep Better
      1. Sleep Better via the Sleepio App and Online Service
      2. Overcome Sleep Issues Using ResMed’s S+ Device
      3. Get Acquainted with Other Sleep-Related Apps for the iPhone
        1. Relax Melodies: Sleep Zen Sounds & White Noise
        2. Sleep Better: Sleeping Cycle Tracker
        3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
        4. White Noise
    22. 12. Getting the Most from General Fitness Apps
      1. Overview of General Fitness and Activity Tracker Apps
        1. Argus – Pedometer and GPS Activity Tracker
        2. Fitnet Personal Fitness Workouts
        3. Human – Activity & Calorie Tracker
        4. MapMyFitness
        5. Nike+ Training Club
      2. Fitmo Goes Beyond Offering Just a Virtual Trainer
    23. 13. Find Music to Keep You Motivated While Active
      1. Make Your Music Readily Accessible
      2. Choose Your Music
      3. Find and Purchase Music from the iTunes Store
        1. View iTunes Charts to See What’s Popular
        2. Use the iTunes Search Field
        3. Preview Songs Before Making a Purchase
        4. Purchase Music from the iTunes Store
        5. Use Other Options to Purchase Music
      4. Control Your Music with the Music App
        1. Discover the New Apple Music Service
        2. Use the Music App on Your iPhone
        3. Make Workouts Fun Using Playlists and the Music App
        4. Control the Music App Using the iPhone’s Control Center
        5. Customize the iTunes Store and Music Apps on Your iPhone
        6. Use the Music App on Your Apple Watch
      5. Stream Music via the Internet
    24. Index
    25. Inside Front Cover
    26. Inside Back Cover