The purpose of this book is to convey vital knowledge about application security to developers working on the Android platform, to enable the development of robust, rugged, and more secure applications.

While application security knowledge and skills have matured rapidly over the past couple of years, that knowledge is still scattered in a huge number of diverse locations. As of now, no single resource has existed that a developer with some experience in developing Android applications could turn to in order to understand the more important topics within the application security space and to find guidance on how to make their applications more secure. If you are such a developer, you’ll find the key points of application security that you need to know to develop secure applications laid out in a succinct and actionable manner. If you are an experienced security engineer or practitioner, you’ll find a summary of the unique characteristics of Android that you need to know to work within this environment. In short, this book enables the development of secure applications for the Android platform, whatever your background.

Organization of the Book

Although the chapters cover different topics, they have been arranged so that the concepts and techniques in earlier chapters form a foundation for the others.

Chapter 1, Introduction

Lays out the importance of this topic, and perhaps scares you a bit, so as to motivate you to read the book.

Chapter 2, Android Architecture

Describes the way Android differs from other common systems, notably desktop systems, and how its architecture both enables security and requires you to work with its unique structure.

Chapter 3, Application Permissions

Looks behind the familiar list of permissions that users see when adding applications to their devices, and shows how to use the system robustly without overwhelming the user.

Chapter 4, Component Security and Permissions

Takes the permissions system to a finer granularity by showing how components such as Content Providers and Services can grant limited access to their data and functions.

Chapter 5, Protecting Stored Data

Treats the critical topic of encrypting data so that it is secure even if the user or a thief can bypass other application security controls provided by Android (or when such controls do not apply).

Chapter 6, Securing Server Interactions

Shows how you can protect the interactions between your application and the servers it communicates with.

Chapter 7, Summary

Focuses on the key take-aways from the book.

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Many thanks to the technical reviewers, who provided valuable comments on early drafts of the book.

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  • Members of the Android team at Google

The author would like to thank his wife, Cindy, for keeping him grounded and sane during the development of this book.

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