INSIDE FRONT COVER   Index of Applications in Examples and Exercises

CHAPTER 1   The Role of Statistics in Engineering

1-1   The Engineering Method and Statistical Thinking

1-2   Collecting Engineering Data

1-2.1   Basic Principles

1-2.2   Retrospective Study

1-2.3   Observational Study

1-2.4   Designed Experiments

1-2.5   Observing Processes Over Time

1-3   Mechanistic and Empirical Models

1-4   Probability and Probability Models

CHAPTER 2   Probability

2-1   Sample Spaces and Events

2-1.1   Random Experiments

2-1.2   Sample Spaces

2-1.3   Events

2-1.4   Counting Techniques

2-2   Interpretations and Axioms of Probability

2-3   Addition Rules

2-4   Conditional Probability

2-5   Multiplication and Total Probability Rules

2-6   Independence

2-7   Bayes’ Theorem

2-8   Random Variables

CHAPTER 3   Discrete Random Variables and Probability Distributions

3-1   Discrete Random Variables

3-2   Probability Distributions and Probability Mass Functions

3-3   Cumulative Distribution Functions

3-4   Mean and Variance of a Discrete Random Variable

3-5   Discrete Uniform Distribution

3-6   Binomial Distribution

3-7   Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions

3-8   Hypergeometric Distribution

3-9   Poisson Distribution

CHAPTER 4   Continuous Random Variables and Probability Distributions

4-1   Continuous Random Variables

4-2   Probability Distributions and Probability Density Functions

4-3   Cumulative Distribution Functions

4-4   Mean and Variance of a Continuous Random Variable ...

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