Unleash Your Enthusiasm

Craftsmen take on only eager apprentices who are willing to learn the craft of software development.


Apprentices are an essential part of software craftsmanship because they bring an enthusiasm and drive for learning that infect everyone else.

Pete McBreen, Software Craftmanship


You have an insatiable excitement and curiosity regarding the craft of software development.


You find yourself holding back, conscious of how much more enthusiasm you have for the work than your colleagues do.


Despite (and because of!) your inexperience, you bring some unique attributes to your team, including an infectious enthusiasm. Do not allow anyone to dampen your excitement for the craft—it is a precious commodity and will accelerate your learning.

As a software developer, you will inevitably work as part of a team. In any group setting, there is a tendency to conform to the norm, particularly for newcomers. Most teams are not hyper-passionate or overly enthusiastic about technology. Predictably, they are focused on delivering the next project or improving on the aspects of the development life cycle that are causing them pain. Therefore, enthusiastic apprentices can often succumb to the urge to fly under the radar. They either repress their enthusiasm altogether, or allow it to manifest only outside of their day jobs.

There are certainly risks involved in unleashing your enthusiasm on an established team. If morale is low or if the team is not welcoming of newcomers, you will likely get some eye-rolling behind your back. You could certainly make a poor impression on people who value competence more than learning ability, particularly when you expose your ignorance. Like any pattern, this one should not be applied blindly. Team dynamics should always be considered. If you find yourself on a team that does not accept your excitement, you will need to find ways to nurture your passion.

However, on a team that is open to the excitement and contributions of an apprentice, you will provide some unique qualities that more experienced developers rely upon, such as unfettered imagination and enthusiasm. This is the time in your career when it makes the most sense to take risks and speak your mind. You have very little to lose. Your ideas and passions will add intelligence and diversity to your team. In James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds, he repeatedly points to diversity of thought as a key ingredient of collective intelligence.

An intriguing study on the collective mind of aircraft carrier crews showed that newcomers played an important role in the complex, coordinated group activities required to safely operate an enormous boat with fighter jets constantly coming and going. The researchers found that it is actually healthier for a team to consist of people with varying levels of experience.

Ultimately, unleashing your enthusiasm is one of the relatively few responsibilities of the apprentice. You may not bring deep knowledge or hyper-productivity, but it is your duty to inject some excitement into your team and question everything. You are in the unique (and temporary) position of having a fresh perspective, which should allow you to offer some useful suggestions for improvement.


Think of the last time you had an idea but didn’t propose it. Find the person you would have suggested it to and describe your idea to her. If she points out flaws, try to persuade her to help you improve it.

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