Chapter 18

An Industry Review of Neuromorphic Chips

Deepak Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Aditya Ravishankar, and Hamid Abdi

Deakin University


18.1   Introduction

18.2   Overview of AI

18.3   AI-Chips

18.3.1   IBM

18.3.2   Google

18.3.3   NVIDIA

18.3.4   Google and Microsoft’s Collaboration with AI Chips

18.3.5   Huawei

18.3.6   Microsoft

18.3.7   Intel

18.3.8   Apple

18.3.9   General Vision

18.3.10 BrainScaleS

18.3.11 APT Group

18.4   Application in Healthcare


18.1   Introduction

Artificial intelligence (AI) has seen growing inputs, research and investments in the last few years. It is believed that AI will enhance the productivity of the healthcare sector qualitatively and quantitatively. All this would be possible because of an ...

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