9.2. Restricting Access to Selected Application Pages


You want to restrict access to many of the pages in your application (i.e., you want to make some pages accessible to the public).


Implement the solution described in Recipe 9.1 and modify the contents of the web.config file to list the pages allowing public access and requiring authentication.

Modify web.config as follows:

  1. Change the <deny> child element of the <authorization> element to <deny users="*"/> and delete the <allow> child element to deny access to all users.

  2. Add a <location> element to the configuration level for each application page to specify if it is available to the public or only to authenticated users.

Example 9-5 shows how we have implemented this solution with some sample web.config entries. We begin by adding settings that deny access to all users. We then add settings that allow public access to PublicPage.aspx but restrict access to Home.aspx only to authenticated users.


The approach we advocate for this recipe is the same as for Recipe 9.1, except for certain aspects of the web.config file configuration.

The <authentication> element and its <forms> child are the same as in Recipe 9.1.

We have modified the <authorization> element that we used in Recipe 9.1 to deny access to all users. By denying authorization to all users at the application level, elements can be added to authorize access to particular pages.

Access to the individual pages in the application is controlled by providing ...

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