chapter 20ASVAB Practice Test 1


General Science Questions

1. Viruses do NOT do which of the following things?

A. Carry genetic material.

B. Reproduce.

C. Excrete wastes.

D. Adapt to the environment through natural selection.

2. Fungi get all their nutrients from

A. photosynthesis

B. consuming the material surrounding their cells

C. consuming live plant cells

D. consuming inorganic chemicals

3. Of the following, which type of animal is an invertebrate?

A. Octopus

B. Amphibian

C. Reptile

D. Bird

4. Mitochondria provide eukaryotic cells with

A. energy in the form of carbohydrates

B. lipids

C. proteins

D. energy in the form of ATP

5. Water can erode ...

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