3    Recording and reproduction

Andy Wilson

Studer UK Ltd

3.1  Analogue tape recording

Kenneth Gundry

Principal Staff Engineer, Dolby Laboratories Inc.

3.2  Noise reduction systems

Jan Arts

Sony Service Centre Europe

3.3  Compact disc

Jan Maes

Head of Training and Technical Support Engineer, Sony Service Centre, Europe

3.4  Digital audio tape

Douglas Ford

Sky walker Sound, a division of Luca Digital Ltd

3.5  Audio editing

Peter Skirrow

Designer and Proprietor, Lindos Developments

3.6  Audio measurements and test equipment

3.1 Analogue tape recording

3.1.1 Aims of the recording process

Magnetic recordings are used as a storage medium. There are two essential requirements in audio recording: firstly, that a recording made on any tape machine can ...

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