1 Basic Principles


John Ratcliff
Proprietor, The Television Training Company
1.1 Mathematics, formulae and equations
1.2 Units used in audio engineering
Michael Talbot-Smith
1.3 The physics of sound waves
J. Patrick Wilson
Lecturer in Electronics, Keele University
1.4 The hearing process
Louis D. Fielder
Principal Staff Engineer, R&D and Business Development, Dolby Laboratories Inc
1.5 Perceptual audio coding
Glynne Parry and Richard Tyler
Senior Calibration Engineer, CEL Instruments Ltd
1.6 Noise measurement
Michael Gayford
Former Consultant (Deceased)
1.7 Electromechanical analogies
Roger Derry
Audio and Broadcast Consultant
1.8 Introduction to digital audio

1.1 Mathematics, formulae and equations

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