Inserting Blocks

After you create a block definition, you can insert local block references (from the current drawing's block table) into the drawing. In Chapter 9, “Working with Blocks and Xrefs,” you will learn how to create and insert global blocks, which are blocks that exist outside the current drawing file. In this section, however, we will simply focus on inserting the local chair and door blocks you defined in the previous section.

  1. If the file is not already open, go to the book's web page, browse to Chapter 7, get the file Ch7-B.dwg (or Ch7-A-metric.dwg), and open it.
  2. Type UN (for units) and press Enter. Open the Insertion Scale drop-down menu and select Inches (or Centimeters) if it is not already selected (see Figure 7.8). Click OK ...

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