Building the C# Sources

Returning to the xflaim/src/cs directory brings us to a discussion of building sources for a language for which Automake has no support: C#. Example 9-8 shows the file that I wrote for the cs directory.

Example 9-8. xflaim/src/cs/ The contents of the cs directory's Automake input file

SUBDIRS = wrapper

XFLAIM_INCLUDE = -I$(srcdir)/..


libxfcsi_la_SOURCES = \
 Backup.cpp \
 DataVector.cpp \
 Db.cpp \
 DbInfo.cpp \
 DbSystem.cpp \
 DbSystemStats.cpp \
 DOMNode.cpp \
 IStream.cpp \
 OStream.cpp \


Not surprisingly, this looks almost identical to the file found in the xflaim/src/java directory because I'm ...

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