Note: Page numbers shown in italic indicate the location of figures which are separated from related text.

Acid hardener fixers, 239

Advertising, and digital manipulation, 291–2

AE (Auto-exposure), compact cameras, 67

AF see Autofocus (AF)

Airbrushing, 262–4

Aliasing, 98

Angle of view:

and focal length, 40, 78–80

table for varying combinations 84

Aperture and f-numbers, 42–4

circles of confusion, 46–7

diaphragm system for, 58–9

and image brightness, 42–3

see also depth of field

Aperture priority (Av) mode, 59, 188

APS cameras see Compact cameras (35 mm and APS)

APS cartridge film, 60

Architectural photography, 70

ASA film speed rating, 155

Auto white balance, 113

Auto-exposure (AE), compact cameras, 67

Autofocus (AF):

for compact cameras, ...

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