Chapter 12. Transport Phenomena: Mass Transfer

12.1 Diffusion

12.2 The Entropy of Mass Transport

12.3 Shell Balances

12.4 Dispersion

12.5 Mass Transport in the Real World

12.6 Mass-Transfer Processes: Unit Operations

12.7 Material and Energy Balances

12.8 Cocurrent versus Countercurrent Flow

12.9 Dimensional Analysis, the HETP, and Efficiency

12.10 Concluding Comments



Mass transfer by diffusion is the third area of transport phenomena. Mass transfer is most important in the purification of process fluids; that is, a desired product or an undesired contaminant is transferred from one phase of a system to another phase. For instance, a desired product may be boiled from a liquid into a vapor, leaving a waste stream called the ...

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