4.2 A Scenario Simulator for Tracking a Constant Velocity Target Through a DIFAR Buoy Field

Our DIFAR scenario consists of a ship traveling at constant velocity moving through a field of DIFAR buoys. The coordinate system we will use is a two-dimensional Cartesian system with an origin at the center of the buoy field, the x-axis pointing East, and the y-axis pointing North.

4.2.1 Ship Dynamics Model

Let the ship motion at time t be described by a state vector img that consists of the position and speed components in the two dimensions, that is

(4.1) equation

where img and img are the Cartesian position and speed components, respectively. We have chosen a constant velocity model, so that the speed components are independent of time. Given that the ship's position at the start of the scenario is img for our scenario the position components of the ship at any later time t can be written as

(4.2) equation


In vector–matrix ...

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