© Mario Zechner, J.F. DiMarzio and Robert Green 2016

Mario Zechner, J. F. DiMarzio and Robert Green, Beginning Android Games, 10.1007/978-1-4842-0472-6_9

9. Super Jumper: A 2D OpenGL ES Game

Mario Zechner, J. F. DiMarzio2 and Robert Green3

(1)Graz, Steiermark, Austria

(2)Celebration, Florida, USA

(3)Portland, Oregon, USA

It’s time to put together all you’ve learned about OpenGL ES to create a game. As discussed in Chapter 3, there are several very popular genres from which to choose when developing a game in the mobile space. For our next game, we decided to stick to the casual genre. We’ll implement a jump-’em-up game similar to Abduction or Doodle Jump. As with Mr. Nom, we’ll start by defining our game mechanics.

Core Game Mechanics

If you aren’t ...

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