Project 31 – Digital Pressure Sensor

You are going to use an Arduino Mega for this project because Project 32 uses a GLCD and you'll need the extra pins the Mega provides. If you don't have a Mega, you can still use a standard Arduino—just change the SPI pins to match those of a Duemilanove.

Parts Required

The tiny SCP1000 sensor can be purchased from Sparkfun or their distributors pre-soldered to a breakout board (see Figure 11-1) to make it easy to interface with an Arduino (or other microcontroller). You will need to solder some header pins onto the board if you wish to push it into a breadboard. Otherwise, solder some wires to it so it can be connected to the Mega.

Arduino Mega
SCP1000 Pressure Sensor
3 × 10KΩ Resistors
1 × ...

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