Chapter 3. Selectors

In this chapter, you learn about the different types of selectors that CSS supports. In Chapter 2, you learned about the type selector, which is a selector that applies style sheet declarations by using the HTML element's name. "Selectors" is an area of CSS that I discuss that has spotty support with regards to IE 6. To those ends, as I introduce each section, if a selector is not supported by IE 6, I note that. IE 7 features much better selector support, and in fact supports nearly all of the selectors discussed in this chapter, but there are a few selectors that IE 7 doesn't support. This is also noted where appropriate. Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera all have excellent support for the selectors discussed in this chapter. With each example, I note what browser you should use to view the example, and which browsers the example won't work with.

You may wonder why I bother discussing selectors that don't work in IE 6. I chose to include the selectors with at least some browser support, because each reader's needs and development requirements are different. If you are, for instance, developing a corporate intranet-based application in which you have full control over the browser the end user is using, your needs are different from someone who is developing a publicly-accessible Internet website. Someone developing a corporate intranet site can, for instance, choose Mozilla Firefox as their development platform, rather than IE 6, or that ...

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