Chapter 2. Write Your First Hello World! Application


  • How to create a new iPhone project

  • Building your first iPhone application using Xcode

  • Designing the user interface (UI) of your iPhone application with Interface Builder

  • How to add an icon to your iPhone application

Now that you have installed the SDK, you are ready to start developing for the iPhone! Programming books customarily start by demonstrating how to develop a "Hello World!" application. This approach enables you to use the various tools quickly without getting bogged down with the details. It also provides you with instant gratification: You see for yourself that things really work, which can be a morale booster that inspires you to learn more.

Getting Started with Xcode

Power up Xcode and you should see the Welcome screen, shown in Figure 2-1.


The easiest way to start Xcode is to type Xcode in Spotlight and then press the Enter key to launch it.

Figure 2-1

Figure 2.1. Figure 2-1

To create a new iPhone project, choose File

Figure 2-1

Although there are quite a few types of iPhone applications you can create, for this chapter select the View-based Application template; and for the product, select iPhone (to target the iPad, select the iPad as the product). Click the Choose... button.


Subsequent chapters show you ...

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