Chapter 20. Displaying Maps


  • How to display Google Maps using the Map Kit framework

  • How to obtain geographical data using the Core Location framework

  • How to obtain directional data to rotate a map

  • How to add annotations to a map

  • How to perform reverse geocoding to obtain an address

With the advent of mobile devices, users have become accustomed to having access to locale information at their fingertips. In this chapter, you will learn how to use the Map Kit to give users that information quickly and easily.

Displaying Maps and Monitoring Changes Using the Map Kit

The iPhone SDK 4.0 ships with the Map Kit framework, a set of libraries that work with the Google Mobile Maps Service. You can use the Map Kit to display maps within your iPhone application, as well as to display your current location. In fact, you can enable the Map Kit to track your current location simply by setting a single property, and Map Kit will then automatically display your current location as you move.

In the following Try It Out, you will get started with the Map Kit. In particular, you will use Map Kit to display your current location on the map.

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