Preparing for submission to the App Store is very similar to preparing your application for testing on your device. Instead of using a development certificate, you use a distribution certificate. Also, instead of using a development provisioning profile, you use a distribution provisioning profile.

To create a distribution certificate, repeat the same process outlined earlier for creating the development certificate. The distribution certificate is created in the Distribution tab (see Figure A-28).



For the distribution provisioning profile, select Provisioning from the panel on the left, and then click the Distribution tab (see Figure A-29). Click the New Profile button to create a new distribution provisioning profile.



You need to select the distribution method. In this case, select App Store, as shown in Figure A-30. (You would select Ad Hoc for ad hoc distribution, discussed in the next section), name the distribution provisioning profile, and select the App ID. Note that there is no need to select the devices because the application will be hosted on the App Store and available to all users (you need to select the devices if you choose the Ad Hoc distribution method). Here, the profile name is called DLSDistributionProfile ...

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