Chapter 7

Illustrating Object-Oriented iOS App Design

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a simple software development process for your project

arrow Identifying use cases and scenarios and creating an object-oriented design for an app

arrow Transferring a design to and implementing it on the iOS framework

Prior chapters in this book focus mostly on explaining OO design, except for a little hands-on work in Chapters 3, 5, and 6 (on Objective-C, Xcode, and an introduction to the iOS Framework, respectively). In this chapter you will see how to take the idea behind your app and design and implement it using OO techniques. That is, you find out how to design an iOS application from scratch.

Customizing an SDLC for iOS App Development

Before starting on the development of your app, I strongly recommend that you think about and design your development process (also known as your software development lifecycle, or SDLC). In other words, you need to decide how you'll develop the app (rather than what you will develop). First, you must decide how predictive and structured or how flexible and agile the SDLC will be. As I explain in Chapter 2, this choice depends upon the following:

  • How critical is my app's ...

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