3Setting Up Your Development Environment


  • How and where to start programming
  • What Integrated Development Environments are
  • How to install Eclipse IDE for your own use
  • How to begin using Eclipse for Java programming


The wrox.com code downloads for this chapter are found at www.wrox.com/go/beginningjavaprogramming on the Download Code tab. The code is in the Chapter 3 download and individually named according to the names throughout the chapter.

The first two chapters provided you with some background and a theoretical foundation for basic programming in Java. So that you can get started programming right away, this third chapter takes a short detour from Java concepts to give you a development environment to start coding. In this book, Eclipse is the development environment used. However, it is by no means the only or even the best environment. This chapter covers some of the most commonly used development platforms, so you’ll be familiar with them if you encounter a different environment in use on a project you join in the future. You may also like to try the different options to see which is most comfortable for your personal use. In order to provide consistency throughout this book, the following chapters assume you are using Eclipse when giving directions related to the environment. There is no reason the concepts you read in the later chapters cannot be implemented in the environment ...

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