Chapter 10. Web Part Connections


  • The function of web parts and web part pages

  • How to add web parts to pages and configure them

  • How to use personalized web part configurations

  • How to export web parts and reuse them in other sites

  • Creating composite user interfaces by connecting web parts together


Web parts are one of the primary means by which content is displayed in SharePoint. A web part may display static content, a view of a list or library, the interface for a business application, or virtually anything else. This chapter explains which web parts are available in SharePoint, how to arrange them on your pages, and how to connect them together to create rich, composite user interfaces.

Web Part Gallery

The Web Part Gallery is a special, hidden document library that contains the list of allowable web parts for the site collection. In Figure 10-1, you can see the Web Part Gallery contents as they appear in the browser. To display the Web Part Gallery in the browser, choose Site Actions

Web Part Gallery
Figure 10-1

Figure 10.1. Figure 10-1

The available web parts are different depending on the edition of SharePoint and the SharePoint features that have been activated. You can also export web parts from your SharePoint sites and upload them into the Web Part Gallery. That ...

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