This book covers everything you need to write rich mobile applications for Windows Phone 7. The following is a brief outline of each chapter:

  • Chapter 1, “Introducing Windows Phone 7” — Introduce yourself to Windows Phone 7 development.
  • Chapter 2, “Jaw-Dropping Apps with the Help of Silverlight” — Develop applications using Silverlight.
  • Chapter 3, “Spice Up Your App with Shapes, Colors, Brushes, and Transforms” — Learn how to use Shapes, Colors, Brushes, and Transform objects.
  • Chapter 4, “Advanced User Interface Techniques: Styles, Templates, and the Visual State Manager” — Learn interface techniques including styles, templates, and how to create animations using the Visual State Manager.
  • Chapter 5, “Isolated Storage, Page Navigation, and the Application Life Cycle” — Understand data storage using the Silverlight Isolated Storage feature, and multipage applications.
  • Chapter 6, “Interacting with the Hardware” — Use hardware interactions, FM Radio, and Accelerometer.
  • Chapter 7, “Launchers, Choosers, and Advanced User Input” — Learn about launchers and choosers.
  • Chapter 8, “Windows Phone 7 Services and Cloud Services” — Consume Windows Phone 7 Cloud Services.
  • Chapter 9, “Creating and Consuming Web Services” — Consume external web services.
  • Chapter 10, “Web Services Push Notifications” — Understand web services and how to use push notifications.
  • Chapter 11, “XNA for Windows Phone 7” — Develop games with XNA.
  • Chapter 12, “Microsoft Expression Blend” — Use Expression ...

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