Change to an Information-led Industrial Structure

Firstly, there will be a change from an industrial structure centering around goods, energy, and services to an information-led type of industrial structure, a change that will pass through three stages of development (see figure 18.1).


Figure 18.1 Transformation process from industrial society to information society

The appearance of information-related industries

The first stage will be the formation of information-related industries. In an information society the information-related industries will become the leading industries, which will develop to the point of the formation of quaternary industries as a new classification.

The concept of “quaternary industries” is necessary as a category, in that a clear line of demarcation must be drawn between service industries and information-related industries. There is a general tendency to characterize the major change in the structure of post-industrial society as an expansion of tertiary industries (i.e., service industries) with their importance exceeding that of the secondary manufacturing industries. In this context, information-related industries could be classified as tertiary industries only because they are industries which do not produce goods. But it is highly probable that information-related industries would develop beyond the service industries in an information society. ...

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