Chapter 6. Setting Alarms and Keeping Your Passwords

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know the Clock application

  • Modifying your clock

  • Setting alarms

  • Setting Bedside mode

  • Using the BlackBerry stopwatch

  • Setting the BlackBerry timer

  • Making your life easier with Password Keeper

In this chapter, we introduce you to the Clock application, which not only tells you the time, but also allows you to set alarms and a timer. Additionally, you can use the application as a stopwatch. And, in keeping with one of the key themes of this book — making your life easier — the Clock app has a feature called Bedside Mode that turns your BlackBerry into a quiet bedside companion.

To add to the theme of making your life a little easier, we make sure that you get the scoop on keeping your passwords in a single location safely by using the Password Keeper application.

Accessing Clock

Clock can be found right on the Home screen, as you can see on the left side of Figure 6-1. Just look for the icon of an alarm clock. Once you find the Clock icon, simply select it and you see a screen similar to the one on the right side of Figure 6-1.

Launch Clock (left) and view your clock (right).

Figure 6.1. Launch Clock (left) and view your clock (right).


If you've changed themes, different icons might display (refer to Chapter 3 for more on themes). Just remember that the Clock application is always located on the Home screen.

Customizing Your Clock

If the default analog clock doesn't ...

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