Chapter 13. Taking Great Pictures and Capturing Videos

In This Chapter

  • Getting ready to say "cheese"

  • Saving and organizing your pictures

  • Sharing your photos with other people

  • Getting ready to say "action"

  • Configuring your video camera

Oh, shoot, you forgot your camera. Don't worry! Your BlackBerry is there when you need to capture the unbelievable: Grandma doing a handstand, Grandpa doing a cartwheel, or your roommate doing her laundry. And, if pictures aren't enough, you can record your unbelievable scene in full motion.

Before you try taking pictures, read this chapter so you know what to expect and how to get the best shot. We walk you through the easy steps for capturing that funny pose and tell you how to store those photos and videos. Don't miss reading how to share the joy with your buddies, too.


Just about every BlackBerry has a camera but some companies have a no-camera policy. Yes, Research in Motion (RIM) makes versions of some of their models minus the camera. If you're holding that camera-less BlackBerry smartphone, you can skip this chapter.

Saying "Cheese"

Snapping shots with your BlackBerry couldn't be easier. Just turn on the Camera app, line up your shot, and snap away. Here's the bird's-eye view:

  1. Press the right convenience key (bottom key on the right side of your BlackBerry) to bring up the Camera application.

    Figure 13-1 shows the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Most network carriers set the right convenience key on the BlackBerry to bring up the Camera application. However, ...

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