Chapter 14. Satisfy All Your Senses with the Media Player

In This Chapter

  • Listening to music

  • Playing and recording videos

  • Working with your pictures

  • Selecting a ring tone

  • Recording your voice

  • Adjusting the volume

  • Traversing the menus and using Explore

  • Checking memory use

  • Customizing the Media app

If one word describes today's phone market trends, it's convergence. Your BlackBerry is among the participants in this convergence race. In addition to sending and receiving e-mail and being a phone, a camera, and a PDA, the BlackBerry is an excellent portable media player.

In this small package, you can

  • Listen to music

  • Record and watch video clips

  • Sample ring tones

  • Snap and view pictures

These capabilities are bundled into an application with a name you'd recognize even after sipping a couple of pints of strong ale — Media.

Accessing Media

To run Media, simply select the Media folder from the Home screen. The Media folder is easy to distinguish, as you can see in Figure 14-1, because it bears the image of a folder with a right arrow like the Play button you typically see on a music player.

Explore Media here.

Figure 14.1. Explore Media here.

Media is a collection of the following media applications:

  • Music

  • Videos

  • Ring Tones

  • Pictures

  • Voice Notes

  • Video Camera

  • Voice Notes Recorder

When you open Media, you see that each application is represented with an icon, as shown in Figure 14-2. It's not that difficult to figure out what each one of ...

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